August 6, 2017


Show Up Fast Online

SEO is the official low cost way of generated qualified traffic to any website. It is the only way that delivers fresh organic leads. Search is constantly changing, whether it’s on desktop or mobile, for local results or for apps; each year, Google updates its algorithm approximately 500 times or more. While most of these updates are minor, every now and then a ‘major’ algorithm update is released, sometimes without warning. We as an SEO strategist are constantly learning what’s new in the world of organic search so that we can ensure our clients stay ahead of the curve with our digital marketing services. We help grow client bases through specialized and deeply integrated digital marketing approaches across web, social and search. Our SEO practice is fully integrated into our core services

When our customer’s website shows up in organic search results, we get users to click on the search results — and we know what it takes to get clicks. We adhere strictly to best practices when it comes to SEO. We closely follow the guidelines set out by Google, bing and Yahoo! for ensuring that the search engines serve up quality search results and that users have the best search experience.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Billions of people use social media in their daily life and it is the best means of entertainment and social interaction with people now a days. Finding the right market amongst those masses who is interested in your product and converting them into sales is the thing that we specialize in. We know what works for social channels. From day one we envisage how we can drive new customers, improve conversions and build brand loyalty.

You want to hit the market with a bang, so you want to be everywhere on social media. We can put you everywhere, but would that make sense to your brand. Being at the right place at the right time makes sense and that’s what we at DigitalDev believe in when it comes to a social media marketing plan.

Web Analytics

“Measuring your Analytics tell if you are in the right way or not”

We provide analytics implementation and customization services that paint a full picture of your online performance. Our implementation experience spans over many industries and across multiple web analytics solutions. Get insight into what makes your website tick with analytics and reporting solutions . Our team will design tracking and reporting for your marketing campaigns so you can measure what’s working and what’s not. We put your data  to work.

If you have a website then Analytics is must 

DigitalDev offers a variety of analytics services to meet the needs of any business. Every business needs actionable feedback. We’ll help you discover the missing opportunities for data in your digital marketing strategy. Our analytics tools, tips, and analysis can guide you toward success

Web Application Development

Before optimizing your website and driving traffic to it you need to have it active on your domain. We can help you with that as well. We are experienced in using multiple CMS Platforms Like WordPress, Drupal Joomla and can creative a professional website for your business with the right and optimized content.

DigitalDev agency delivers stunning sites. We’ve worked on countless web projects , and are happy to set up a chat or referral if you’re seeking a website redo.



Email Marketing

It might not be as glamorous as social media but email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing tools in the online space. We understand the potential of email when it comes to penetration, reach, life-span, engagement, and ROI.

Before the revolution in the field of Digital Marketing and before all the other Social Media Channels being introduced into the market there was Email-marketing. Which was and is still the best way to interact directly with your target audience and convey your messages and services to them.


Youtube Marketing

Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine that people use to search for their queries and market their product online. Many online stores, clothing brands, musicians, local marketers, viners, comedians and lecturers use youtube channel facility to reach out to the people out their who are looking for the kind of services they are offering. Being present with your business on all social media is a must when you start business online but adding a youtube channel to it is like adding sweet-dish to a diner party without which the party would have been empty.

Creating a channel to setting up its analytics, adding targeting keywords, creating a hype with attractive videos to getting organic subscribers is where we come in. We strategies all these mentioned strategies so that we can bring a brand organic subscribers and build their reputation online as well.


“TO GENERATE BETTER LINKS YOU NEED CONTENT”. Attract your audience with eye-cachy and compelling content. Few years back when there were not this much resources on the internet ranking was comparatively easy. But now millions of people are working on the internet day and night to bring their brand and services on the page #1 of Google and for that they need the latest, unique and cachy content. Content that has something for the users who are searching for services, blog posts, websites, products and much more.

The more useful the content is the more you have chances to rank well on google for your target keyword. The people who search for Digital Marketing Services are basically looking for useful, professional and new content  for their brand that can help them to have their space in the Digital Market World.

Why would you need content?

Because you need to attract more users and

You need to convert them to customers. That can only be done if they get convinced by what you are offering them by your text.

We as Content Marketing professionals can help you with that and generate for you a content that acts as a magnet for your business. A magnet that attracts users.