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How to write a perfect blog post?

Is your blog post optimized?

Are you heading the right way as a blogger and creating right SEO optimized content?

Blogging has always been and will always be the best way to rank higher on search engine. But many people in the beginning of their blogging career don’t do it right and in return they have to go for months and months to rank higher on search engine.

Today in our blog we are sharing what a perfect blog post looks like.

A perfect Blog Post consists of the following key points that should be covered.

  • Use of the right keyword (Long Tail OR Simple Compound Keywords)
  • The right size of the content ( How many words are required).
  • Does the post have both internal and external links?
  • Will they be able to earn Inbound Links?
  • Is the post optimized?
  • Does they keyword being ranked for appears in the link, title, description and content of the post?
  • Is the post addressing a topic everyone wants to know about?
  • Using a long tail keyword.
  • Using natural language variations of the long tail keyword.
  • Does the image include ALT Text?
  • Is the blog post promoting the content? (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest ).

The info-graphic below shows the essential features a blog post must have.

how to create a perfect blog post

In the above info-graphic I have mentioned the key points in my point of view that are necessary for a blogger to write a perfect blog post. One may have a different opinion, but I hope this post might be of some help to you.

This wraps up my today’s blog. I hope my readers learned something.

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